About Call My Clinic

We aim to provide the necessary facilities for a physician to manage a one-person clinic.

The problem (we could be wrong 🙂)?

Here, Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals provide medical consultation facilities. The total number of consultation facilities is meager compared to the number of physicians who graduated every year. Hence, they need to study for uncertain years to complete post-graduate degrees and become specialists. This situation, in turn, diminishes the number of competent general practitioners. We believe, if these new physicians can get an opportunity of general practice, then many will settle in this, and few will aim higher for more studies. Besides, Bangladeshi patients tend to visit specialists directly, even in cases where a specialist is not required. This behavior is causing a scarcity of specialists for the patients who immensely needed a specialist's consultation.


Call My Clinic is a platform for physicians to provide remote consultation and have a private clinic like facilities. We aim to provide the necessary facilities for a physician to manage a one-person clinic for themselves.

Who are we, actually?

We are the ones who faced the scarcity of excellent and affordable health care facilities individually and collectively for the last many years. From personal agony and failures, we felt urged to solve this problem for good 😓.


Recent history first; we discussed this idea once again around mid of March 2020. We brainstormed on March 22nd, and then started development on March 29th. We completed almost all the features of this version on April 19th, 2020. Made this solution available as a mature beta for public use.

We actually started in early March of 2013. Then we developed an Android application for prescription preparation and management patient histories. Here is a throwback video of that app.

We quickly identified that it was really really complicated to interface those early generations of Android devices with regular printers (to print the prescription), and shelved the development.

Our 2nd attmpt, called Findr.care

We tried once again in September 2014. This time we built a recommender system to find specialists closest to patients. We also decided to create a Top 20 list for different specializations. Made a web solution and Android app called Findr.care. Due to the unavailability of funding, our second attempt also got shelved 😭.

Back to the present time, we are now more mature, confident, and hopeful! Let's try Call My Clinic, shall we?

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