Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have questions; that's why we are here.

Is it only for Physicians/Doctors?

No. Call My Clinic is for both Physicians and Patients.

What do I need to use this service?

You need only three things to use Call My Clinic services - your mobile with an active SIM card, smartphone or PC with a working camera, and your National ID Card

Is it free, really FREE?

Signup or registration to our service, for both Physicians and Patients, is free. There is no registration fee, and it will always be free (hopefully).

BUT, there is a consultation fee (and some small charges and Government taxes) to be paid to Physicians for each appointment. Patients need to pay this for a consultation with the Physician.

There are no direct payments for Physicians. Call My Clinic will deduct a service fee on behalf of the Bank, Payment processor, and the platform.

How much is the consultation fee?

This fee is entirely the Physician's discretion. Physicians can set this using their dashboard.

Are there other fees with this consultancy fee to be paid by Patients?

Yes, there is a call charge. It is a fixed fee of BDT 20 for a call duration of 15 minutes. In the future, this fee may change (but it won't be too much at any moment). There is a value-added tax (VAT) and supplementary duties (SD). We will add this only if applicable.

Is the service secure?

We liked to think so. We tried our best to make everything secure. You can check our Privacy Policy for more details.

What if I paid for an appointment and I couldn't make it, will you refund my payment?

Yes. It is based on our refund policies.

What is the service fee for Physicians?

It is a fixed fee that is a maximum of 10% of the consultancy fee. It covers payment processing fees by card issuing company or mobile financial services, payment processor (i.e., SSLCOMMERZ), and other administrative costs. The good news is, it is not always 10%. It varies between 6% to 10%. If you complete 300 consultations in a month, this service fee comes down to 8% for the next month. And if you complete 500 or more consultations in a month, when it comes down to 6% for the next month! If you fail to meet these targets, then it goes back to the regular 10%. If you are an excadet or alumni of Sir Salimullah Medical College batch 29, then your service fee will be 6% always! Why? That's a long story; in short, we love these people.

What are your supported payment methods for Patients?

We support almost all the credit cards issued by Bangladeshi banks, all primary Net Banking, and mobile financial services (i.e., bKash, Rocket, and more). SSLCOMMERZ is our payment processor.