Refund policy

If you deserve a refund, you will get your refund. Don't worry!

An appointment requires the full payment of the physician's consultancy fee and call charge to be accepted. There are specific scenarios where a patient is eligible for a refund:

  • if the patient cancels an upcoming appointment with a physician at least three hours before the scheduled appointment time
  • if the patient missed the schedule for the unavailability of Call My Clinic services (This consists only Call My Clinic server unavailability, DNS errors at Amazon Web Service and network issues at Amazon Web Service. This does not include network related issues at patient's end.)
  • if the physician missed the schedule

If there are any issues while the call is ongoing between the physician and the patient, Call My Clinic admin will reschedule the appointment taking both parties' consent.

For any other unwanted situations, the patient can request a refund through email to Call My Clinic admin. It is entirely the discretion of the physician to refund either in full or part of their receivable consultancy fee (excluding the service fee). However, the call charge deducted by Call My Clinic will not be refunded.

How the refund works

How Call My Clinic refund process works

In the case of scenario #1, mentioned above, the payment refund will be processed automatically at midnight following the patient's cancel request. In this situation (#1), the full payment will be refunded.

For the abovementioned scenarios #2 and #3, the patient needs to send an email to, mentioning all the details about the patient and the appointment. Call My Clinic admin will process the refund after reviewing the request and getting consent from the physician, and inform the payment processor (SSLCOMMERZ) about the refund. Call My Clinic admin will complete this part of the process within three business days after the request. In these scenarios (#2 and #3), the full payment will be refunded.

Call My Clinic, in all the above scenarios, will request the payment processor (SSLCOMMERZ) for the refund within three business days. After that, a maximum of 4 weeks may require to get the fund in the respective account. Call My Clinic is not responsible for the delay at the end of the payment processor or the card-issuing bank.

How to request for refunds

All the refund requests should be sent to, mentioning all the details about the patient and the appointment.